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One of the fastest growing industry on the internet in India is online matrimonial portals. The advanced technology that enables visitors to find the perfect match for themselves by automating calculations, comparisons in a massive profile database.

SAB Technology has developed the perfect online engine for matrimonial agencies to get online with business in less than two weeks. Our matrimonial web site development tools and integrated administrative software, offers extensive control and flexibility to webmasters.

Below are the features and functions of proposed Matrimonial Portal.

Visitors Section

  • Member registration (paid or free) as per the rules set by the site admin
  • Browse categories that are sorted by region, community, religion
  • Basic search on homepage
  • Advanced search with additional parameters
  • Non-members can see results of listings but with limited info
  • Members have unrestricted access to the complete profile
  • Featured profile listings on homepage along with thumbnail images
  • Static information pages

Registered Users Section

Manage Membership Information

  • Configure e-mail alert preferences
  • Upgrade free account to paid
  • Pay for optional items like featured and / or bold profile

Self- Profile Management

Self-profile management section enables a registered user to post content about himself/herself or about the person who wishes to marry using the portal. The matrimony web site manager enables a registered user to provide information through use to neat and well-organized forms. The various sections of profiles include the following details about an individual.

  • Contact Profile
  • Work/Career Profile
  • Location Profile
  • Physical Profile
  • Religious Profile
  • Community Profile
  • Personality Profile
  • Family Profile
  • Photographs / Documents support

The matrimonial web site management system offer the most comprehensive profile management enabling users to optionally provide as much data about them and then allow other users to perform searches upon them.

Partner Profile management

Partner profile manager enables a registered user to set preferences for the partner the user is looking for and save these preferences. A registered user can save multiple such preferences. The web site monitoring system continuously performs searches on existing database to extract profile matches against partner preferences. The system also performs automatic short listing of candidates from the user database and sends email alerts to registered users.

Inter-User Messaging System

Registered members of the matrimonial web site are enabled to post messages to other registered members of the web site using the in-built messaging system. A registered user is able to accept messages from other registered users of the web site and track communication threads. The system also enables the users to block certain users from posting any messages.

Favorite Profiles

Registered members of the matrimony web site can selectively mark other profiles as favorites. These profile are then available to them under the favorites section.

Recommend profile to a friend

Registered members are allowed to forward specific profiles to their friends.

Matrimonial profile search

The matrimonial web site system comes pre-packaged with a powerful search system to enable web site visitors and registered users to perform extensive searches on the existing profiles.

Administrative Section

The administrator account is the all powerful user account of the web site and is allowed maximum functionality in the system. The administrator is enabled to control access privileges of other users as well.

  • Perform Add, Edit, Remove, Activate, Deactivate, Search and Sort operations on
    • Administrators
    • Moderators
    • Registered Users
  • Change admin password
  • Change Personal settings
  • Configure payment gateway settings
  • Add, Edit, Remove, Activate, Deactivate, Search and Sort the following items
    • Registered user Contact Profile
    • Registered user Work/Career Profile
    • Registered user Location Profile
    • Registered user Physical Profile
    • Registered user Religious Profile
    • Registered user Community Profile
    • Registered user Personality Profile
    • Registered user Family Profile
    • Registered user Photographs / Documents support
    • Registered user Payments
    • Countries database
    • Body type database
    • Community database
    • Complexion database
    • Occupation database
    • Location database
    • Language database
    • Currency database
    • Religion database
    • Education database
  • View & download statistical reports from web site data
  • Schedule web site backups and restore data on-demand

Moderators Section

Moderators are executives of the web site management team whose man responsibility is to clear up data from the web site Their tasks include

  • Cleaning up of advertisements
  • Fixing spelling mistakes
  • Fixing grammatical / language errors.
  • Adjusting photographs if required
  • Filling missing data in profile by guessing

The matrimonial web site system offers a easy to understand and operationally fast panel for moderators to enable them to perform their tasks at maximum speed.

More built-in ready to use features

  • Multiple types of paid users
  • Auto-alerts to registered users for renewing subscriptions
  • Created completely using LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP), no software licenses required
  • Fully managed servers, no network administrator required from your end.
  • All-n-all web based system - No permanent software required on your local computer. Any computer with a basic Operating System, web browser and internet connection can be used to administrator, moderate, use or visit the matrimonial portal.

Our team specializes in Flash website design, Website Design, Portal based CMS website, Web Development and search Engine Optimization.Please feel free to Contact Us or mail to
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